Tae Kwon Do Club Obelix - Preparations

Skouras Camp

TC Obelix once a year has preparations attended by members and friends of the club, during the month of August at the Skouras camp located on the Halkidiki peninsula on the first finger of Kassandra in the town of Nea Fokea, near the town of Afitos.

This camp is known throughout the sports community because by staying there, children not only develop their sports skills, but also create togetherness, sportsmanship, discipline and togetherness.


Sports activities

In the camp, in addition to the daily trainings held by the club, there are many sports activities such as basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, mini golf, trampolines, riding lessons, artificial rock, zip line, in addition, the camp has three swimming pools, as well as a private beach. where the camp lifeguards are with us during the entire stay.

The pictures you can see are a clear indication that all camp participants are satisfied with their stay and work at the camp.

This camp has been our choice for the past ten years, and we hope to cooperate with the camp for a long time to come.