Tae Kwon Do Club Obelix

Our Mision

Taekwondo club Obelix was created from a branch of a large taekwondo club from Serbia, as an independent club it was adopted on 10.07.2022. in order to perform sports activities, train new participants, compete in this skill with the ultimate goal of contributing to the popularity of this sport and preserving its tradition.

Our values

As a young taekwondo club, our team consists of coaches and a professional team who have been participants in this sport for many years with the highest results in European and world competitions.

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Why train with us?

In addition to the obvious physical benefits, taekwondo has a profound effect on the formation and development of a child’s personality. Through regular exercise, toddlers develop not only resourcefulness, but also perseverance, independence, discipline and self-control. What makes a special gain is the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits over time.

Club coaches

Veljko Savičević

Head Coach
Many years of expertise in working with children. As a coach, winner of several European and World Chanpionships medals.

Ivan Janković

Club coach, experience in working with children and younger selections.

Stefan Takov

Competitor - national team member/ coach. Winner of several European and World medals.

Nikola Lukić

Competitor/coach. Winner of the European Cadet Medal.

Mihailo Radaković

Competitor/trainer winner of the European Cadet Medal.

Club management

Nenad Janković


Friends of the club